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Farming is a family adventure and a wonderful way of life.  We are committed to raising happy, healthy children alongside animals and living a fun, wholesome life. Farm family members all participate in caring for the land and animals daily. Our family members are extended to include our animals, including our Angus Cows, Quarter Horses, Karakul Sheep, Duroc Cross Pigs, Australian Shepherds, and Labradors.



Win a free overnight stay on the family farm and join us in farming fun!


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Kauneonga Lake Farmers Market

Saturdays 9am - 1pm beginning May 27 - September 2


DowN to Earth Farmers Markets Rye NY

Sundays 8:30am - 2pm until December


morningside park rye, ny

Saturdays 9am - 3pm - Year Round

Saturdays 8:30am - 2pm during the month May



We were referred to Water Wheel Farm by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received. We definitely plan to buy from Water Wheel Farm in the near future!
— Anonymous
I was by the other day and you guys are always doing something new. It is super to see the place always changing!
— Brian
Water Wheel Farm was amazing! We now have such a sweet, energetic, and handsome puppy. What was great is that after we chose Ori we got updates on how he was growing and milestones. She was so easygoing and willing to work with us. It was a plus that it was such a family oriented atmosphere and Ori was around a-lot of children. John and I are so happy we chose Water Wheel Farm!
— Kiah S.
Thank you for having me and my son over for the sheep sheering - we both loved it and had a great time will definitely have to visit again.
— Barbara R.
At 8 weeks old, we took our sweet Kona puppy home from Water Wheel Farm. We first picked out Kona when she was 3 weeks old and quickly picked a name which Shannon and her family started calling her. Water Wheel Farm was extremely friendly and family oriented. We were relieved to see water wheel farm was a huge country farm where the parent dogs were able to run outside and also worked as herders with their other animals. The dogs were not just stuck in kennels and only taken out to breed. These were farm working and also family dogs. We were able to meet both of Kona’s parents who were both extremely well trained, which we felt was a huge relief. We visited the puppy at 5 weeks as well and were told we were welcome any time which made us feel very comfortable. Shannon is very accommodating but also does things the right way and kept all the pups with their mother and litter mates until 8 weeks and we were given a certificate of health. When we took Kona home she already knew her name, was socialized, and had begun potty training. We had a wonderful experience with Water Wheel Farm and now have an amazing beautiful healthy puppy that is sure to be a wonderful dog that our entire family enjoys. Thank you Water Wheel Farm!
— Amanda C.
Love Water Wheel Farm! I’m so glad that come down to the Farmers market so I can get their amazing meat!!
— Valerie A.
Thank you for the awesome pig for our pig roast...and thank you for the great service and providing everything that was expected...lots of happy people at the party...we will definitely be doing business again...
— Brian M.