Water Wheel Farm was established in August 2012 by Shannon and George Stanton-Helms. It had always been a dream for Shannon to own her own farm, and after becoming exposed to a farming lifestyle, George also decided that farm-life was a great way to live. They decided that it would be best for their children to be raised with farm values, a never give up work ethic, and to grow up around animals. With that motivation in their hearts, the couple found their own little piece of paradise on Pine Swamp Road, and have not stopped growing since (both with children and animals).

Just as George and Shannon had hoped, the children have developed a true love for animals! They help with daily chores including feeding grain to the horses, watering all of the animals, naming the animals, collecting eggs, riding on tractors, and cleaning stalls or pens. They are teaching their children to be independent, cherish nature, and to preserve and love our planet! They take pride in protecting water quality for our downstate neighbors as well. 



Water Wheel Farm grows a lot of love in our animals... and you can taste it! All of our livestock are raised on small pastures most of the year, giving them the room to live and grow in a healthy, natural environment.  The pigs and poultry are fed minimal amounts of local grains. The beef cows and sheep are fed only grass or hay along with minerals as they are ruminant animals. No additives, hormones or antibiotics are used to raise naturally healthy, farm-fresh meat and eggs. Grass-fed meat is lower in total fat and calories but richer in "good fats" such as omega-3 fatty acids and the cancer-fighting fats. As of November 2016, Water Wheel Farm has partnered with Adirondack Grazers, where they learned to calculate rates of gain and instituted policies and procedures that were among some of the healthiest in the industry.  Shannon looked for avenues to market the meat from the farm directly to consumers and developed her own Farm-to-Table initiatives within the Locavore community.  Meeting new people and helping them access quality local products is very rewarding.